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 Technology Park 
Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Hashim Thai, participated last week in a solemnity on the occasion of the construction of the Technology Park "Teknopolis" in the Shtime municipality

 McDonalds's franchise 
800 local companies are running in the bid to see fast food giant, McDonald's first restaurant opened in Kosovo...



The Kosovar Investment Consulting Agency KS Invest is a private company which offers quality consulting services to foreign organizations doing business in Kosovo or neighboring countries. KS Invest works with companies from EU and US looking for new markets, business partners, outsourcing providers or ways to set up their own operations.

KS Invest was created by customer demand and powered through research and expert work of true professionals from different industries. Our value proposition is built around professional approach, true passion for success and loyalty immune to any outside influence or pressure.

KS Invest is able to work with companies of any size, successfully serving invidivudal and corporate business interests. Our advantage of being a small consultancy means however that we truly understand other small companies which guarantees a highly personalized approach and true sense of comfort to all of our clients




Top 10 reasons to invest
in Kosovo

1) Central location in the region
Being located in the heart of the Balkans, K...

Why do Business in Kosovo?

Kosovo offers many benefits to potential foreign and domestic investors: particularly low taxes...